• Xp 500x
  • Sp 500x
  • Aden 150x
  • Drop 100x
  • PartyXp 2x
  • PartySp 2x
  • Starting character level - 76

Welcome in L2DemiGods!

First I would like to say, that project wont leave You easy. No, that wont happen! Server is designed and maintain to ensure, that unexpected wipes wouldn not occur, but we cant promise 100% online, because of the electricity or ISP problems. It is not rapid though. We allways wanted and still want to be different from other servers, thats why our community is always growing. We are planing to open one more server in the future.


✭ Update 6/11/7 ✭
Hello and welcome to L2DemiGods.We are uploading a major pach update L2DemiGodsV2.

↬ In the new pach we have changed the PvP zone,which is the Abandoned Camp and we have added a new farm zone which is located in the Abandoned coal mines.
↬ We also have a new farm item which will help the new players catch up with the servers veterans.The new farm item (Gold coin) will be used to purchase L2demigods Special Weapons,Armors and jewels.
↬ Furthermore we have added a new refinement option.You can now trade Vote coins for event medals and the opposite.
↬ New Enchant rates are :

  • ✭ Weapons (Normal,Blessed scroll):+4 - +16 80% Chance,+16 - +19 70% Chance.
  • ✭ Armor,Jewelry (Normal,Blessed scroll):+4 - +13 80% Chance,+14 - +19 70% Chance.
  • ✭ Crystal scroll Weapons:+19 - +21 100% Chance,+21 - +25 55% Chane (if it fails goes back to +19)
  • ✭ NO Crystal scroll for Armors and jewels

After a short period we are back online.Please download our pach and enjoy a great gaming experience

Welcome to our unique L2Demigods server. We are pleased with our first day online.More than a hundred players preferred our server and we hope for more.In the near future we will provide the server with a lot updates. Also feedback from in game players would be more than helpful. In conclusion we would like to thank you all and we hope that you will have a great gaming experience!

Hello everyone!

Sic days till our Grand Opening we waiting you all to have a nice time together for anything you need pm in game =Halloween= or you can add on skype l2screamv1!

Server Status
Server is Offline
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